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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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miller is live with the latest. >> ron but russell today invoked the lazy excuse. she rejected any idea that the calls she recorded november of 2010 was intended to keep anyone at home. >> round of russell is a key witness in the case against -- rhonda russell is a key witness. she denies the calls for an attempt at voter suppression. >> i would call it a political tactic counter intuitive. >> she says reverse psychology. >> the call was literally meant to simulate boaters that would not have been in support of all ballet or the democratic administration. this would stimulate the voters and say, but was going for
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ehrich, he is down and out. i will go vote for him. a >> he wrote the text of the call, but she is the one who picked the list of voters to call. she did not take the time to include republicans and independents. "i used a list of previous clients because i was be lazy. it was my decision to use the list. >> russell was given immunity to testify. prosecutors showed jurors the don't she wrote. -- the note she wrote. >> he told jurors he thinks the case against shurick shows he calls an abuse of power. he may testify as the defense starts its side of the case tomorrow. ehrlich will testify.
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>> police have caught up with a young mother behind a series of robberies and carjackings. not before police chased her down the capital beltway and a stolen car and then a chase on foot. authorities accused stephanie schwab of the crime spree that stretch into baltimore county were to pull a knife on a good samaritan who offered her a ride. with a violent crime spree in baltimore county and baltimore city, after the dust settled there were dealing with one doesn't victims and of three suspects. >> baltimore county and city police team up for this as being described as a burst of violence and mayhem. they racked up 12 victims and a shooting victim ended last than
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four hours from start to finish. not just limited to the geographic boundary of either one district. >> last night series of robberies punctuates that a few people are committing most of our violent crime in the baltimore metropolitan area. we worked hard, baltimore county and the city, to build a partnership led relationship that reduces crime and it makes citizens it safer. >> the crime spree included two kidnappings during the evening the suspects rounded up seven people at a bp station and robbed them at gunpoint. another person was shot in the leg and the eye. the suspects were driving a stolen lincoln. they did throw out ao berretta out of the sunroof. three people are inscustody and
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are being questioned by police. >> police have identified the man who was shot to death last night in southwest baltimore. 29-year-old kenneth davis was shot around 7:45. he was pronounced dead at shock trauma. police have no suspects or motives in the case. two people are recovingarfter an accident. a corvette struck a pedestrian. it hit a car and flipped over. they were taken to bayview with non life threatning injuries. >> corresponded just before 6:00. -- cruz responded just before 6:00. smoke was coming from the second story window at that time.
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firefighters put the flames out in 15 minutes. when patients did have to be transported to the hospital. a former howard county rock climbing coach pled guilty to having sex with one of his 14- year-old students. michael lyons worked at one of the earth attracts a facility. he will have to register as a sex offender. sentencing is scheduled for sometime next year. >> howard county is the best of getting a string of preschool and church burglars. >> police have charged craig webster in two of these burglars. they feel he may be responsible for an additional five more. he was caught not only to his past record but surveillance video -- not from the church or preschool but from a nearby drug store.
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>> we have been investigating a series of burglaries since october the 10th that of all churches and preschools. now that we have charged this person, we certainly will be looking into the real possibility that he might be responsible for others. >> howard county police talking about the rest of crack and nathaniel webster last week. --craig nathaniel webster. >> he is either smashing a a glass window and putting his hand inside to open the door. in some cases he has been able to walk. because the doors have not been secured. >> officials at the preschool and a church have declined to comment. nobody answered the door at webster's home. finding webster was actually pretty easy. he was caught on video at a
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drug store trying to use a credit card stolen at the preschool. because of his record for burglary, assault, marijuana, and using stolen credit cards, detectives recognized webster right away. a warrant was served on his home at all kinds of stolen goods were found inside. police say the story should serve as a reminder heading into the holiday season to make sure you are very aware of your surroundings. >> everybody is thinking about their finances and money is tight. we want to remind residences and commercial businesses and churches, preschools and anybody who keeps property or cash in their location. make sure they are locking all of their doors and windows of the time. webster has been charged with two counts of theft and burglary. he is being held on $125,000
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bond. >> herman cain it seems to show no signs of quitting for the rest of president. today he stormed through ohio hitting back against charges of his affair. nicole has the latest. >>hermain cain is reassessing and reevaluating his campagin.] for now he is not backing down. the candidate would not put the breaks on his white house run. >>we will make decision in several days. >>he claims he still hasspupport despite allegations. he accused critics of trying to derail his bid. >>they want you to believe with
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enough assination of charactwe4r on me i will drop out. >>i think the man is innocent until proven guilty, others are backing away. >> he needs to understand he is a destructive for what is going on right now. we need to move on. >> politico's ken vogel said more could dtract from the right. >> when we first brought the story, they were willing to take his side against the media. it has been harder for them to do that. >> he has already lost some support in iowa and new hampshire where he had later tonight. >> if you stay with us, there is much more news ahead at 11 news at 6:00. >> how are the christmas trees
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looking this year? that is the story coming up. >> the ravens road to baltimore started in cleveland, now they continue there. >>december will start with a more normal weather patternl
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>> is hard to believe tomorrow is december 1. you probably noticed all of the christmas tree lights and springing all over the area. >> i have noticed. as rob roblin found out, prices have not changed much from last year. >> is giving is over and is the time of year to start looking for your christmas tree. >> it starts $45 and up for a
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norway spruce. >> if you saw christmas trees, how is the economy and the wholesale price of the tree going to affect you? it depends on who you talked with. paul stifler says weekend sales were great. >> this has been the best we can we have had in years. i am hoping for a real good season. >> paul the say he hopes -- he thinks people are buying smaller trees this year. but there cheaper? >> they are a little bit cheaper. >> if you go down the road to the fire department, they say big trees are what is selling. >> there are buying the big trees.
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eight footers or 12 footers. >> mike shannon says -- >> if anything, they are going with cheaper ones over more expensive ones. that is about it. >> everyone will tell you prices for the most part of art -- are about the same as last year. >> it is a great year for trees with rain. the needle should be hanging on a really good this year. >> we think those of you who are sharing your tree pictures. thank you to joe neil for this beautiful picture. >> here is melanie's tree. >>lovely. share -- share photos on
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>> temperatures today slowly turning back toward normal. still when you average out temperatures today, even on the 30th day of november it averages out to they want normal -- warmer than normal day. we will probably go below that to the next couple of hours into the evening. we have not quite finished the almanac for today. 51-32 would be the normal for this time of year. so far with a few hours to go, this november of 2011 is tied for 13th on the all-time list of warmest of members ever in baltimore going back to the late 1800's. we had up with the 13th warmest on record. that is saying something as far as a mild november goes. whatever his 1931 what the average was just under 55 degrees. it will be cooler to start
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december. the cool air is moving into the mountains to the north and west will produce a coating of snow. the cloud cover it around the region will gradually clear as high pressure builds it. west to northwesterly breezes, there is cold air out there. as for air masses coming from. 28 degrees in oakland right now. columbia is 44 degrees. over that we will see los stopping into the upper 20s depending on how fast the skies clear in the western suburbs. it will be a chilly start to the new month tomorrow. storm tracking through eastern canada draggy the cold front of the coast. high-pressure comes in behind it with dry conditions for several days. all of the cold and wet winter weather will stay in the northern plains. sheven some snow showers and the
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great lakes as well. high-pressure here we will see some scattered clouds. the winter weather will stay to the west. said discuss tomorrow with highs of 55 degrees and a northwest wind. small craft advisory continues on the bay into the early afternoon. average waves about two feet. western maryland had a light coating of snow. mostly sunny weather on friday. high temperatures each day. a little on the breezy site tomorrow. 55 degrees on saturday. on the lower eastern shore, a couple of days of beauty early december whether. sunshine with highs of 55-57 degrees. temperatures will stay in the '50s or to the weekend. overnight lows in the upper 20's to low 30's. delay -- the next french inches
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in the middle part of next week. >> zeinjury concerns continue for rate louis. not a good sign because of the toe injury. ravens head to cleveland. they have five games left -- two against division teams. they have had great success against the cleveland browns of late beating them six times in a row. the veteran players on this team know how few teams get a season to set up like that. the baltimore ravens have it now. >> what better way to end the last five games with three division can't ignore division. a way to set the tone in continue to keep ourselves moving forward in the race toward the lombardi trophy keep
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separating herself from the pack. >> the maryland basketball coach described it up perfectly against the illinois last night. the maryland terps don't knoe how to win against a good team right now. maryland had a nine point lead early in this game. second half, check out the ball handling an hshooting skills. five minutes into the second half, a defensive breakdown. illinois had the lead. maryland within four, couldn't get any csoser. you mark sturgeon can coach. this team has improved, they just have to finish. the nfl fined the buffalo bills
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receiver $10,000 per the ends of celebration or he pretended to shoot himself in the leg. the kind of creativity would play great on saturday night live but it does not play well in the commissioner's office. it led to a penalty that gave the jets could field position with a touchdown by plaxico burress. >> sit with us. tom is up next with a 78 forecast.
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>> here is a look at what is coming up for tonight. a number of burglaries at preschools and churches. see how police were able to catch the suspect. and why they may not be done with the investigation. >> cameras were there when she was taken into custody. the stories an
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just a little ahead of myself. >> just a little bit. >> 50 degree temperatures will begin. it will stay there for friday, saturday, and so they. chilly at night around the freezing point. a couple of degrees above normal. read it chances will move in monday evening and continued into tuesday. it will briefly get to around 60 on tuesday and windy and cold air on wednesday. some showers for the baltimore ravens and the cleveland sunday afternoon. not too bad temperature widespread >> thank you for joining us.
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